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You make a trip, a hike or go only through a city and then want to know which locations they were, to which waypoints you make breaks and / or what specific features were there
and from this create a video
Take your smartphone for this !

One result (video with picture and sound) might look like this:
MP4 video

If you search such a thing, then the here in detail described and introduced app is

Advanced GPSLogger and Tracker
 exactly thr right app for you!
Reqired is minimum android  5.1.

All parameters can be changed even during the running recordings.

If the video does not shown properly, please use a different browser (for instance Firefox).

The recording of the data occurs in the background, so that the Smartphone can be further used meanwhile as usual!

The video (mp4 type) is createded with the Smartphone and then can be used seperatly or be integrated possibly into slide shows.
Before are still possible text and picture corrections or changes.

On the following sides the functionality is explained in detail and the different parameters are described.

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