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All parametrers can be changed during the runtime  of the app, excluded of course the entries under folder and file.

As already mentioned, a new Geo-Point is stored only if the time difference is to the before stored Geo-Point greater than the "Miin. time in seconds" and the distance greater than the "Min. distance in metre". The faster one moves, the smaller these values should become. It can happen that as a result of reflexions or screenings also once with the location regulation divergences or dropouts can appear (e. g. , also in buildings).

"Max Points" fixes that with achievement of these values the programme is finished (with storage of the data).

"Folder" is the name of the folder(s) under which the data are stored. More in addition below the picture

"File" is the name of the saved file(s). That name always an underline is added and a serial number automatically. No overwrite of an existing file can occur through it, and a new name must be not always given absolutely.

Notes on Memory Management

Whether the data is stored on an external SD card or on the public area of an internal SD card, on both is a publicly accessible storage area (folder) in which the data can be stored. Importent are the 3 folders "Documents", "Pictures" and "Movies".
If necessary, in all 3 folders a subfolder is created that has the folder name listed in the parameter inputs. Under Documents and the given folder our generated file is stored, in any case. For the shown case would be the for example "Documents/Routes/Route_1.gpx".
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