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Also this setting (Waiting time in seconds) has proved itself in practice very much.

The following can happen:
You go to a shopping centre with underground parking (with interrupted GPS receiving) etc. and you want to generate by means of click on [Pause] a waypoint or with [Finish App] to finish the app. As already explained the app wants to grasp fast still the concrete Geo-Point in this position. Now, however, no GPS receipt is possible at this place. To avoid now that one must try to find a place with GPS receipt, there is this parameter.
After the given "Waiting time in seconds" the input dialogue is automatically indicated at latest for the waypoint capture.
As a "substitute" - waypoint is taken the last stored geo-point.

More settings affect the video output and here especially the integration of statistics, which is done immediately after the shutdown of the route.

The "Delay time in milliseconds" specifies the time period in which the statistics display still remains before it begins to scroll, if this is necessary because of the length.

The "Reset time in milliseconds" specifies the time period in which remains the statistics display even after the end of the scrolling.

The "Scrolling speed" can be selected in 6 stages.

The scrolling may be stopped at any point. Clicking the screen stops the scrolling operation, another click then continues again.
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