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With the app, as already seen on the homepage side, routes can be recorded and shown. The various parameters facilitate optimum results. After starting the recording using [Start]  geopoints (trackpoints) are recorded and stored using GPS in certain time or displacement intervals (parameters). This recording may be interrupted by breaks with button [Pause]. This points are so-called waypoints. In a dialog box that opens a short description and a brief comment can be entered for each waypoint.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a picture is possible. After closing the dialog the button [Pause] changes to a flashing [Continue] button. By clicking on this recording is continued. The recording can be continued automatically when a certain distance (parameter) is exceeded by the last stored waypoint several times in immediate succession (parameter). This is advantageous if the click of [Continue] will ever forget.
Furthermore, during a recording at any points (picturepoints) photos can be taken, without interrupting the recording (no waypoint!).
[App in the background] finished the app, but the recording is done in the background. With it the Smartphone is available for all the other duties. Further operation of the app is done by reopening.
To increase accuracy, while pressing the button [Start], [Pause], [Continue],  [Finish App], first the parameters for the GPS location will be set to the smallest values, and it will awaited and saved the next Geo Point before the desired action is performed. Then, the parameters are reset.
All parameters can be changed during a recording.
About [Show] you select a file to display. Visible is then a geographical map, where the route is highlighted in blue. Start and end point are marked by blue circles. Furthermore, several button appear for operation. If the display is started, so the route history is displayed dynamically. At the waypoints and the places where only photos were taken (picturepoints), these photos are displayed. At the waypoints the entered informations  will displayed. Furthermore a statistic is created.
Simply an mp4 video can be created, which dynamically shows the route with all informations and pictures and the statistic.

Final finishing the app is only by means of [Finish App] possibly, because  only so the background process can be finished too.

The operating surface

Under [Description] the app is described in detail.

Under [Settings] there  are 3 registers (Main, More (1), More (2)) for parameter settings etc.

With [Start] record and a so-called service is started.

A waypoint is initiated with [Pause]. Following is a brief dialogue, the button name will change to a flashing [Continue], the recording is interrupted. Click [Continue] they will be continued.
Here the announcement of the already stored Geo-Points occurs.
With [Photo] a Photo can be taken without creating a waypoint (pause).
With [App in the background] the operating part of the app is terminated. In the background, only the service continues to operate. Thereafter, the smart phone for all other services can be used.
A termination of the application has only on the button [Finish App]  done, because only thus the service is stopped too !
After a short click a last GeoPoint is still awaited, then a GPX-file is created and stored, and the app completely finished.
Should problems appear, an immediate storage can be forced by touching the button longer than 4 seconds.

Input dialogue with a waypoint

In "Short description of the waypoint" and "Short comment", informations can be entered. These are outputed during the display of the route..

By clicking on [Photo], the smartphone's camera is activated, and a photo can be taken.

With [Finish] the dialog is terminated.

If the smartphone Back button is clicked in this situation, the dialog is terminated, no waypoint is created, recording of the route is continued.

Display a saved route via click on [Show]

The entire route is shown by a blue line. A red circle is at the Start and at a blue circle is at the end.

With [Start] moves a blue circle from the starting point along the route. When a waypoint is changing the color of the circle (red) and there is an indication of the entered information including geo-coordinates, along with the date and time, if any, that this photo you took. At all points where only a photo was taken (picturepoints), the circle turns green and the picture and the time are displayed. The GPX-file can later be adjusted so that additionally a comment or nothing is displayed at this picturepoints.

By click on [Video] all of the buttons are invisible, then the same function occurs like by [Start]. If the distance has completely set off, the statistics can be faded in (parametre). Here too, there are several parameters.
While scrolling the statistics display can both stopped as be relaunched each by clicking on the screen!
With this function a mp4-file which can be used separately for example for the integration during slide shows is generated. During creating of the video it is possible with the smartphone-microphone a audio-track to add (parameter).

It is easily possible all of the Photos to change or correct and the entered text at the waypoints to change or correct in the GPX-file.

By means of [Statistics] the statistical evaluation of the route can be displayed.

[Cancel] takes you back to the operating surface.
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